Only 8 cents per day

About is a localy built, managed and owned operation based in Hervey Bay Qld.

Launched at the beginning of 2014, started out as a free directory for businesses operating in Australia.  In that time we had accrued some 2,500+ individual business listings Australia wide. We discovered with interest in the site growing we had to continuously review each listing to make sure it was still current (as well as processing new listings) which had started to became a bit of a challenge.

Just prior to October 1st 2016 it was decided that we could no longer maintain the directory at our own cost.

Rather than shut down the directory it was decided that a small annual fee of $27.50 per listing would be charged to help with maintaining the existing website and database as well as help fund future expansion and upgrades to a growing website and database.  The fees will also allow us to put a bit more $$ into expanding digital promotion of not only the website but the businesses contained within it.

A few common Questions?

If you are an Australian business directory website, why do you have a .com instead of

Actually we have both variants, one redirects to the other.  If people prefer to type in the .au at the end, they will still get to the directory.  The .com as our primary URL was set purely to streamline the URL entry process for mobile devices many of which have a '.com' button on their data entry keypads.

How do you compare with the major well known players?

Firstly we dont have set annual deadlines for our listings, you can list any day (or night) of the year you like.  We dont subsidise a wasteful paper based business directory (when was the last time you used a phone book?). Our listings are also set by region and not by service type (I hate when you try to look up a business category or service and it says 'Also see: Blah blah'), search for what you want, where you want.

Business owners, you get an editable full page listing that you can edit when you like without penalties or additional charges. You wont be locked into long term contracts, actually apart from complying with the T&C's, we have no contracts. We dont even want your Credit Card or banking details. You are in control, we just provide the platform.

Less than 8 cents per listing per day, How can you do this so cheap?

We believe that all Australian businesses should be able to list in a national yet locally searchable online database at an equal level.  In our case we are not subsiding a costly paper based directory, multiple shareholders and members of boards. Dont confuse low cost with lack of function and benefits, it just means that we dont have the overheads the major advertisers do.  We still need to try and turn over some coin though but we can set the price at a realistic level that suits most advertisers.

Do you have an app that users need to download?

No.  Firstly, most apps tend to work well on one platform and not another.  Users are often required to accept several T&C conditions linked to apps that most dont even know about or understand. Our site is easily accesable on any platform internet browser. Our dynamic visual interface detects whether the user is on a mobile device or desktop pc and adjusts the interactive layout accordingly so they still get the 'App experience' without the hassle of downloading yet another memory munching (and potentially personal data collecting) program.

How much will this cost?



For more details, check our 'Plain English' T&C's link below.


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