Only 8 cents per day Directory Advertisers T&C's is a low cost paid online advertising/directory format for businesses operating in Australia. It is Owned and Operated by Australian registered business Online Developments. ABN: 65661708320

*Updated terms effective Apr 24 2017

The yearly fee per listing is $27.50 in Australian Dollars....that equates to under 8 cents per day.

What do you get for $27.50?



Registration: reserves the right to cancel or suspend any registrant for any reason, with or without notice.

If you would like to permanently cancel your registration with, use the contact page and supply us your details as well as your intentions.  We will send an email to the email address listed at the time of registration to confirm your intentions before cancelling your account.







How Does It Work? accepts no responsibility for messages of enquiry sent by users to your business provided in your listing. If you need to update/edit your listing details, you may do so after signing into your ozclix account,

' Please Note: All Listings are moderated before going live.  This process can take up to 24 hrs.  Listings that ARE NOT current and correct or do not meet reasonable guidelines (verifiable contact and location) may be deleted or not approved for live listing. Listings may be modified by us to ensure that details are correct at the time of going live.  Listings may also be reviewed at various intervals to ensure that details are still correct and may be altered if required to maintain expected standards of the directory. reserves the right to cancel, suspend or edit any listing as it see fit.

Users who maliciously chargeback payments though paypal will be banned, have their user account deleted, all listings deleted, IP addresses will noted and blacklisted. If you have a genuine issue that needs addressing, contact us to resolve it.




If you intend to use directory as part of a SEO package for your clients, it will please give us heads up via our contact page.  We can negotiate better Listing Fee rates for SEO Businesses/Specialists who supply volume listings to the directory website on behalf of their clients.

General: accepts no responsibility regards to the accuracy of listings, the actions of those who list the ads, and any offensive content that may appear in listings.  By the nature of the way the website works, almost all content is derived from registered users.  We accept no responsibility for details published by the registered users and it is their reponsibility to ensure details are correct.  There is however the option to Flag a listing if you find it is offensive or may require editing or removal.  If that occurs then we will look into any concerns you may have and address it at the earliest convenience and would like to here from you via the 'contact' link. is not responsible for any failures of 3rd party plugins used by the site and are the properties of their respective owners.  We are merely  an online advertising platform and will not be held accountable for any any actual or percieved loss of income as a result of listing in the Ozclix directory.

If you have any suggestions to improve the site, let us know.

Online Developments as owner, webmaster and operator of the, websites want to let you know that we are not actively participating in any 'list rental' schemes and will not use any registration contact details for this purpose. You may however receive the occasional email containing promotional or marketing material or notices that may be beneficial to you or your business or relating to your listing.  These will be sent from our own email accounts.  Your registered email details WILL NOT be given, loaned, or rented to any third parties.

T&C are not limited to what has been mentioned above, they are subject to change without notice.  Published details in listings are the responsibility of their resepective publishers/authors and they are subject to any relevant advertising standards as well as State and Federal Laws that apply to their respective business or service.

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